Here at iPatch we constantly get bombarded with emails from overseas suppliers offering us cheaper alternatives to the original OEM parts we use in repairing iPhones. Recently, there has been a big surge in iPhone X displays, which are expensive to purchase, that have a completely different LCD. To keep the cost of the part down, 3rd party suppliers have tweaked the X display to use a standard ‘TFT’ screen, rather than the far superior ‘OLED’ screen that comes with the iPhone X as standard.

The quality of TFT displays is frankly terrible. The colours are washed out, the image is darker and less sharp and on top of that, the whole display unit is thicker so stands off the face of your iPhone.

If you do need your iPhone X display repaired, be very wary of a deal that seems to good to be true. Ask if the component being fitted is the original OLED version or the substandard TFT, even request to see the display itself so you can check the quality. Remember Apple will certainly not validate any warranty on your expensive iPhone X if you have a 3rd party imitation screen fitted either.

Here at iPatch, we only ever use the OEM display designed for your handset. It may cost a little more but your iPhone will look, feel and work as it was designed to.

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